OFFER – Accounting & Operations Review

You’re focusing on growing your business, but are your financial operations helping or hurting your progress? Small mistakes can have significant consequences.


Even thriving businesses may lack effective “checks and balances” in their operations, costing time and money, and increasing the possibility of fraud. Both in-house accounting staff and outside accountants can become complacent, careless or fall behind current best practices. Let WBL perform a review of your processes and give you peace-of-mind.

WBL offers a no-risk review of your internal operations and accounting practices. We provide an assessment and targeted recommendations for you to share with your current staff or accountant. Our offer is 100% satisfaction guaranteed: we agree in advance on a scope of work and fixed fee for the evaluation and if you don’t find our report valuable, you don’t have to pay our fee.

What Type of Business Will Benefit from this Review?

Any business in any industry can benefit from an independent review of its operations and accounting practices. If your business is not currently audited on an annual basis, you are preparing for your first audit, or you’re just interested in an unbiased opinion on ways to improve, this service is for you.

What Do We Review?

  • offer-1-3Job descriptions
  • Financial statements
  • Management reports
  • Software systems
  • Tax returns
  • Entity level controls
  • Information system controls
  • Revenue and billing controls
  • Disbursement and payroll controls
  • Cash controls

How Long Does It Take?

Your schedule drives our schedule. Kick-off meetings are typically scheduled for one day. meet with the owner at the beginning and end of the day. All other interviews and document reviews are performed on that day, as well. We complete our report and recommendations quickly and usually schedule our presentation of findings within two weeks of the kick-off meeting.

What is the Process?

Kick-off meeting: We meet with you and key staff in your office. We outline what we will review and the proposed timeline, interview key personnel and collect the necessary documentation that we’ve requested in advance.

Analysis: We review your documentation, analyze our interviews and assess processes.

Report and Recommendations: We deliver a written report of our findings and recommendations, and review them with you in person so you can ask questions and gain additional insight.

What Do You Get?

  • A thorough documentation of everything we reviewed and the results of our assessment
  • Specific recommendations to improve your processes and procedures
  • Enhanced stakeholder confidence and organizational credibility
  • Added value from a more efficient audit
  • A more empowered relationship with your current CPA and/or accounting staff

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