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Any internship offers experience. 
Ours can fuel career growth.

Interns at WBL do meaningful work - right from the get-go. And while you'll make friends with fellow interns and early career associates, you'll also have open-door access to leaders at every level. Interns who succeed here can achieve success anywhere - but many internships parlay into full-time positions at WBL. And from there, your opportunities are as unlimited as your own ambitions.

We are currently accepting applications for Spring 2026 and Summer 2026 internships.

Meaningful internships.

A family feel with lots of opportunities.

We work to ensure that people have long-term, relationship-driven careers as they pursue their career goals - not just sacrifice. You can have a normal life and a great career.

Petra Orquiola

Partner, Assurance Services – 2005 Intern

My internship was more like a trial-basis staff position. There were always opportunities to take on responsibility and do meaningful work.

Lydia Hickman

Supervisor, Assurance Services – 2021 Intern

Because we're a diverse organization, people can come in with a feeling of acceptance. They don't have to feel like they must climb a mountain before they can belong.

Bruce Benator

Managing Partner

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