“WBL was able to provide us with excellent contacts and planning capabilities in all the countries in which we do business, just like the Big Four firm we formerly used.”

- President of a medical equipment manufacturer

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Going global brings you a world of growth opportunities—and challenges. Companies operating in the international marketplace need advisors who understand regulations and business practices in foreign and domestic markets as well as the potential tax and other implications of each business decision:

  • International transactions are closely scrutinized by the IRS, whether the business is based in the United States or abroad
  • Significant penalties can be levied for failure to comply with strict rules governing reporting of foreign assets and income
  • Local and foreign governments offer myriad incentives and credits
  • Expat and foreign employees must carefully comply with tax filing requirements
  • Entities in transition must plan for proper structuring

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WBL's International Practice provides tax and other business assistance to local, national and international clients doing business throughout the world. Our in-house experts leverage our affiliation with Russell Bedford International (RBI), a global network of independent accounting and business advisory firms, to provide relevant, actionable business advice to clients here and abroad.

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Through RBI, you have access to native-born business professionals with first-hand knowledge of the culture and business climate located in more than 100 countries. We maintain long-standing relationships with many of our affiliates, ensuring seamless integration and delivery of service. Domestic and international clients operating in the U.S. and abroad receive expert and customized services in cross-border transfer pricing assistance, as well as the following areas:

Foreign Taxpayers Resource

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