What's important to you?

"You can create your own opportunities here, whether you are ambitious and want to climb the ladder or you simply want to keep doing work you enjoy."

Bruce Benator - Managing Partner

Community of Respect

"Working with a diverse group of people teaches you to respect people’s cultures, backgrounds, and religions. It opens your eyes to how the world really is, adding value in so many ways."

Danny Melo - Manager, Tax Planning and Compliance Services

Work-Life Integration

"Other firms talk about work-life balance. But here, we really respect it and live it."

Ryan Tatem - Supervisor, Assurance Services
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Why choose WBL CPAs + Advisors?

Work-life balance is in our DNA. Every firm promises it. We live it. Because we recognize that success doesn't require sacrifice. It requires an approach that promotes exceptional client service, morale, and efficiency in a collaborative, enjoyable - even fun - work environment.

Hear From Our Associates

Associates share why they enjoy working at WBL.

Not too big. Not too small.

A family feel with lots of opportunities.

As parent to three children, I'm treated with a level of professionalism and encouragement that's unusual in this field. But that's why I feel so motivated to do the very best that I can.

Marissa Nash

Senior Manager, Tax Planning and Compliance Services

One of the biggest burdens of having children is daycare. But we have a paid childcare benefit here - it's a huge advantage."

Danny Melo

Manager, Tax Planning and Compliance Services

My dad worked at two Big Four firms, and I saw what that could be like. I'm motivated in my career but I wanted to work somewhere that would encourage balance. WBL does.

Lydia Hickman

Senior Staff Accountant, Assurance Services

Putting people first is one of our values here - but it's also smart business. People who aren't constantly overwhelmed, who feel good about doing the work because they also have lives, are going to be better contributors to the work we do.

Bruce Benator

Managing Partner

I interned at 2 larger firms prior to choosing WBL as my full-time firm. I chose WBL over larger firms because I really enjoy the close-knit culture and the organic relationships I have with everyone in the team. I love getting to work on a variety of clients, industries, and projects. I have a lot of opportunities to learn every day at WBL. Overall, WBL is the perfect blend of family culture and a productive workspace.

Sabrina Leung

Staff Accountant, Tax Planning and Compliance Services

Winner of The Best Accounting Firms to Work for 

WBL CPAs + Advisors has been included in Accounting Today's Best Accounting Firms to Work For for 10 years. In 2023, the firm was ranked 1st in the nation (out of more than 46,000 CPA firms) in its size category.

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Diversity and inclusion aren’t our buzzwords.
They’re our commitment.

It's proven in every discipline in the world - diversity generates strength. That's because the more experiences we bring to our work, the more we can broaden our perspectives and the better we're able to understand our clients and their needs - not to mention each other. And it's why we established an active Diversity and Inclusion Board to share facts, knowledge, best practices, and support to strengthen and celebrate our entire community.

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Explore Our Career Opportunities

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What's the difference between WBL and the "big" firms?

WBL CPAs + Advisors

  • Deep exposure to every aspect of an engagement, engaging with a variety of clients
  • Do work you love and pursue your ambitions - on the career path you choose
  • Enjoy collegial, collaborative work with reasonable hours (even during busy season)
  • Get to know everyone in the firm
  • Get meaningful, hands-on experience, advanced training and education in house and off-site
  • Work alongside partners and senior staff whose doors are always open to you

The "Big" Firms

  • Limited focus on specific aspects of engagements, usually working with just one or two clients
  • Do as directed, and move up or move out
  • Work long hours under intense pressure, especially during busy season
  • Get lost in the crowd
  • Get plenty of impersonal training and limited opportunities to do meaningful work
  • Partners and senior staff don’t have time for you