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"With WBL I know that we can discuss difficult issues without hard feelings. I know they will tell it like it is and not tell me what they think I want to hear."

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Get accounting and business advice to give your staffing business a strategic advantage

As you're striving to form stronger strategic partnerships with your staffing clients, there is more competition for your talent and more administrative red tape to manage. How do you evaluate the costs and benefits of various strategic options to your bottom line? You need business advisors who understand your business model, have extensive knowledge of tax codes that apply to staffing businesses and can bring you ideas that give your business a strategic edge.

Staffing Industry Specialists for more than 40 Years

WBL is the only accounting, tax, and business consulting firm in Atlanta with more than 40 years of experience specializing in the staffing industry. Our partners and staff are involved with the Georgia Staffing Association. We understand what it takes for a staffing company to grow and thrive. We share those best practices to reduce your costs and boost your profitability, while you focus on delivering value to your customers. Staffing clients turn to WBL when they want to grow through acquisition, structure appropriately for better tax savings, manage day-to-day accounting processes and plan for the future.

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Get customized strategies and personal attention to catch what others miss, reduce your risk and grow your wealth.

Other Staffing Industry Services

  • Establishing or updating of account systems and procedures
  • Navigating complex federal, state and local tax codes
  • Structuring solutions
  • Employee benefit plan consulting

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