“In 17 years of undergoing audits, I have never experienced such professionalism from an audit team, top to bottom. Our team is extremely pleased with the switch to WBL!”  

CFO of software company


Just right means…


…confidence in your data to help you make better decisions.

Your financial data is a goldmine for your business. Management, investors and lenders carefully review your financial information to understand current operations, plan for the future and determine the risks and benefits of committing funds. WBL’s Assurance Services team understands your business, your industry and the needs of reviewers who request your financial data. We go beyond the numbers to help you determine the level of assurance that’s right for you, right now and in the future. What level of assurance will best meet your needs?


An audit is the highest level of assurance, providing you with peace of mind that your financial reporting can withstand scrutiny during a bank audit or due diligence by a potential investor. WBL tailors our audit procedures and testing to ensure that your financial reporting is free of material misstatements, while minimizing disruption to your staff and daily operations. We focus on your company’s internal controls over financial reporting, providing recommendations to strengthen procedures and establish controls to protect you in the future.


Many financial institutions and other stakeholders accept a review in lieu of an audit, saving you time and money. With a review, your financial statements are analyzed using inquiries and analytical procedures as well as our understanding of your industry, your business, and the applicable accounting guidance and financial reporting rules. There is no detailed testing or review of your internal controls. You receive assurance that nothing in your financial statements requires material modifications to be in accordance with accounting standards.

Agreed-upon Procedures

When you need a level of assurance that does not require a traditional audit, WBL’s Assurance Services team works with you to identify appropriate procedures that will deliver the right information and level of assurance for your specific situation.


The purpose of a compilation is to organize and present your financial data in the form of a financial statement that can then be easily reviewed by stakeholders such as board members, lenders or investors. No opinion is given on the accuracy or completeness of the statement.

Employee Benefit Plan (EBP) Audits

Protect the promise you made to your employees to return their investment in your business when they participated in your retirement plan. A full or limited-scope employee benefit plan audit gives you and your employees assurance that the assets are being reported accurately. It also can provide valuable practical advice to improve plan administration, address challenges, identify opportunities and develop solutions and ensure you meet ERISA obligations and file a complete 5500 for your plan each year. WBL is well versed in the special auditing standards, rules and consulting that apply to:

  • 401(k) and 403(b) plans
  • Defined contribution plans
  • Profit sharing plans
  • Employee stock ownership plans (ESOP)
  • Pension plans
  • Plan design and implementation
  • Training employees responsible for day-to-day benefits administration
  • Department of Labor (DoL) filings
  • Compliance reviews
  • Coordinating with third-party administrators
  • Assisting clients undergoing DoL or IRS audits

A high-quality audit from WBL helps you protect the financial integrity of your benefit plan and your commitment to your employees.

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