Vice President of Operations, nonprofit advocacy organization

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Williams, Benator and Libby for 15 years in two organizations. The value of services their team provides extends well beyond a typical financial audit scope of work. I don’t view the annual engagement proposal from a cost perspective but rather as an ROI and in every case over 15 years, the firm delivers value and helps us mitigate risk that exceeds our investment. The partners and their teams masterfully execute the difficult task of developing a partnership with our organizations while maintaining integrity and independence.

Highlights of my experience with Williams, Benator and Libby include:

Consistency – Working with Patricia Yeager and Petra Orquiola year after year and consistent, dependable staff provides us with an ongoing development of shared knowledge and trust.

Availability at any time – Remarkably, both partners and their teams are available at any time. This is a hallmark of WBL. I recall occasions when they felt sorry for not replying to an e-mail or phone call within 15 minutes. I don’t know how they manage to maintain this level of availability at any point and time throughout the year. It is a mystery to me.

Engaging constituents – Time and again, partners readily make themselves available to speak with a wide variety of constituents from board members to financial institutions. At times, this is a critical service to an organization that experiences financial growing pains and uncertainty.

Technical Expertise – providing expert tax advice, helping our non-profits navigate complex UBIT issues and providing guidance on technical questions regarding related entities. We relied on their expertise when tackling difficult issues involving layers of governance and ownership. Their work with us on a highly complex issue of bifurcating related parties and assets is a textbook example and was certainly a historical moment for our organization. 

Industry benchmarking reports – certainly a value add. This is data we just simply can’t get our hands on and thus have come to rely on WBL to provide every year. 

Patricia goes to great lengths in every engagement proposal to demonstrate a very reasonable price point in relation to the full range of services provided. This makes it fairly easy to present to audit committees and other decision makers. Not once have I ever heard feedback questioning the value we get. It’s always a no-brainer to renew an engagement with WBL.

I strongly recommend WBL to my peers and encourage anyone looking in the market to turn to them. 

Most Sincerely,

Tom Hoover, Vice President, Operations

Hemophilia of Georgia