Transaction Practice

The Devil is in the Details

When it comes to deals, the devil is (often) in the details. Careful planning and insightful advice will give you the best chance for a successful transaction. Many firms, however, pair buyers or sellers with inexperienced M&A staff.  At WBL, we understand what’s at stake and won’t gamble with your transaction.

WBL’s Transaction Services Practice, led by 30-year veteran Bruce Benator, provides field-tested strategic financial advice, performs buy- and sell-side due diligence, and maximizes the tax benefits of the transaction to help you build the best deal possible. With his team of seasoned M&A specialists, Bruce plans engagements so that your goals and objectives drive the process. You get the relevant information and actionable advice you need to make an informed decision.

Minimize Risks, Maximize Benefits

WBL identifies strategies to minimize liabilities and maximize benefits for buyers and sellers involved in transactions between $2 million and $100 million.  We perform a wide array of services including financial and tax due diligence, and can tailor any of the other services listed below to meet your specific needs.  Allow us to customize a transaction approach that’s right for you.

  • Review and recommend deal, tax and accounting structure
  • Review quality of earnings
  • Review current accountant’s workpapers
  • Evaluate accounting policies and conventions
  • Evaluate internal controls
  • Review competency of Finance and Administrative areas and make recommendations
  • Review current and planned systems capabilities
  • Identify material related party transactions
  • Review margin profitability
  • Review and evaluate customer and vendor concentrations
  • Review and analyze EBITDA estimations
  • Calculate average monthly working capital requirements
  • Review cash flow cycle
  • Perform EBITDA to cash generated reconciliations
  • Perform industry specific analysis
  • Review and evaluate tax compliance for income, payroll, property and sales and use
  • Review and  make recommendations on purchase or sale agreement
  • Provide post-transaction assistance

Case Studies