New Encryption Tool Provides Additional Protection to WBL Client Information

William Benator & Libby (WBL) is implementing new security measures to enhance the protection of clients’ confidential information. The firm will continue to use the secure web portal as our preferred and most secure method of transferring sensitive electronic information to and from our clients. However, we realized that using the portal system is not always as convenient as other methods of communication, such as email. To improve convenience while maintaining our protection of sensitive information, we are adopting a new policy that will apply identity-based encryption on all emails with attachments and other emails containing sensitive information.

In the coming weeks, WBL will use a new tool called Virtru to encrypt emails and attachments. Client replies to Virtru-encrypted email including any attachments also will be encrypted. Virtru makes it easy for us to share sensitive information in a safe and compliant manner.

For most users, this experience will be a significant improvement over other encryption options they may have tried that require the user to create and remember a new password just for the application.

Encrypted emails will include a linked box entitled “Unlock Message.” Clients click on the link and follow the prompts to login using their Google or Microsoft account logins, or they can request a code. Messages can be accessed from any web browser with the exception of Internet Explorer 9 or older.

Clients who are initiating an email to a WBL contact and want to ensure personal or sensitive information is protected can ask their WBL contact to send them a secure email first. Then they can reply and attach or include their sensitive information and it will be fully encrypted.

For frequent communication, a more streamlined approach is available. A free plug-in allows users to read and respond to Virtru-encrypted messages directly from Outlook or Gmail inboxes with no additional action.

For more information on the new encryption too, read this article from Virtru’s website or watch this demo.

With the ever-increasing threats of data breaches and identity theft, we believe the benefits of the additional security measures will significantly outweigh any minor inconvenience.

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