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Revenue Recognition Services

Does implementing the new Revenue Recognition Standard feel like an uphill climb? Let our Revenue Recognition "Sherpas" be your guides through ASC 606 implementation.

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Has Your Business Implemented ASC 606?

The new revenue recognition standard, also known as ASC 606-Revenue from Contracts with Customers, is the biggest change to U.S. generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) in decades. It requires that businesses change how revenue and certain costs are identified, recognized, recorded and presented on both balance sheets and income statements, and significantly expands revenue disclosures. The December 31, 2019 compliance deadline means businesses should begin using the new processes on January 1, 2019 so adequate information is available for year-end disclosures. The effects of ASC 606 will be felt throughout companies and every department will need to be prepared to ensure a smooth transition

Let WBL’s Revenue Recognition Sherpas 
Guide You

The revenue recognition experts at Williams, Benator & Libby will serve as your Revenue Recognition Sherpas, guides who understand the terrain and provide the tools and resources to make sure your company's financial statements are in the best shape possible.

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Connect With WBL

WBL's Revenue Recognition Sherpa Program will answer your questions, bring internal stakeholders to the table, and guide you through the planning and implementation process so the transition is as painless as possible.

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The Revenue Recognition Sherpa Program includes:

  • Whitepapers to share with your team
  • A CPE training event for CFOs, Controllers and other executives (we can bring it to you)
  • One-on-one and team meetings at your company to assess potential impacts of the new rules and discuss business plans
  • Expert reviews of your plans and assessments, and testing to ensure your new processes will meet the new revenue recognition requirements