Creating connection and investing in our community.

We believe there’s more to making a living than earning a paycheck and there’s more to running a successful business than growing the bottom line. Markets, businesses and careers are only as vital as the communities in which they grow. Our vision and mission as a firm, therefore, is to support and foster a real connection to each other, our clients and the community. That connection provides the context and meaning for the work we do, individually and as a firm.

Staff Events

WBL creates community with fun events of all sizes throughout the year. Getting to know each other away from deadlines and computer screens helps us build stronger teams, and strong teams deliver better services to our clients, offer more opportunity for career growth, and make going to work a little less like, well, work.

WBL invests in our community by giving back—volunteering, making donations, serving on boards and committees, and much more. Associates may take a paid day each year to volunteer with an organization or to participate in a firm-organized volunteer project. The firm will match up to $50 of charitable donations made by our associates throughout the year and by our clients during the holidays.

Helping Others

Some of the organizations the firm and our associates' support are: