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“I owned a software company and worked with WBL for many years. They helped me plan for and transact the sale of my business. We got a lot of guidance all along the way. I knew that if anything in the deal was challenged, and very little was, they were right there with me.”
Software company owner

Work with advisors who you can trust to take you from start-up to exit.

While you’re focused on building a tech business, do you have someone you trust asking you the right questions? Can your CPA take you from start-up to exit?

Software and tech companies turn to WBL for help when they’re developing an initial business concept, securing funding for growth, or preparing a company for a transition. WBL’s audit, tax and accounting staff have years of experience helping software, technology, fintech and telecommunications companies achieve their business goals. Work with business advisors who understand the issues and pacing of the software and tech industry and can get you where you want to go.

WBL’s software and tech company services include:

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