Serial entrepreneur, second-generation family business owner

“My main thing is comfort. As an entrepreneur, I want to be sure I have someone protecting my interests, asking me the questions that I don’t know to ask, and making sure the answers they give me are the right ones. I’ve been working with WBL since the mid-90s and there’s never been one second of reflection on my part, no moment of doubt, not one tiny thought that maybe I should be using another firm.”

Personal attention builds trust

“With WBL, the personal attention is the thing I appreciate most and what sets it apart from other firms I’ve worked with. Accounting shouldn’t be a commodity; it’s a really nuanced profession. You need a professional who understands all the tax codes, someone who can look at your financials and ask the questions that help you improve your business. That’s especially for start-ups, I think. I don’t have a big accounting department. I’m in [another state] but it’s like they’re in the office next door. I’m always bouncing ideas off of them, asking questions, and they get right back to me. They check in with me all the time. They will call me at night. They really helped me reorganize my company and make my businesses successful. They are always looking out for me. I trust that they will always be thorough, bring things to my attention and do things that help my business.”