Business Value Assessment


Just right means…


…helping you protect and improve the value of your business

Could your business use a tune-up? Would you like to understand the areas of your business that may be getting in the way of your growth? If you feel like you’re spending your time putting out fires instead of focusing on strategic growth, we can help.

WBL offers a complementary Business Value Assessment to uncover problems that may be lurking in your business and affecting its value. It takes as little as 20 minutes and produces a detailed, actionable report that provides a rough estimate of what your business is worth, what it CAN be worth, and how to get there — at no cost to you.

The Business Value Assessment includes:

  • A holistic assessment evaluating 18 critical value drivers including operations, sales & marketing, brand, senior management, and recurring revenue.
  • Peer comparisons using recent actual sales of businesses in your industry to calculate and estimate your company’s value.
  • For those who qualify, WBL will help you identify the RIGHT areas to work on first that will help your value grow.

Your Business Value Assessment is yours to share with your management team and include it in your strategic planning.

Let WBL help you keep your business running smoothly now and in the future. Take our on-line survey and receive your COMPLIMENTARY Executive Report with no further obligation.


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To complete the survey, you’ll need*:

  • Your business’ NAICS industry classification (go to to search for your proper industry code if you’re not sure)
  • The number of employees
  • Your location (zip code)
  • Your current estimated revenue annualized
  • Your current profits (EBITDA), annualized


Or, if you prefer, contact WBL to schedule a no cost Business Value Assessment today.

*WBL will not sell or share your information. Only employees who are qualified and trained as consultants will have access to your information.


Want more help?

For a reasonable fee, you can follow up the Business Value Assessment with a Deep Dive Analysis that will help you determine specific value drivers to work on and how doing so could improve the value of your business.

  • The Deep Dive Analysis takes 60-90 minutes and includes: A value gap analysis, a ‘What If?’ scenario to test changes, shows the increase in value over time for completed tasks. You will clearly see the risks to your company, understand why they need your attention, and learn how your company value is improved by mitigating these issues.
  • An operational value report showing what your business could sell for today, and what it COULD be worth.
  • A business dashboard with KPIs and more.
  • A detailed plan of action that includes specific tasks to increase company strength and value; and tracks the increased value you create over time. The dynamic, actionable plan guides you through implementing best practices, strengthening operations, and building value.


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