Case Studies

Long-term Relationships Result in Higher Profit for Seller

Situation Overview: The owner of a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company worked with WBL to prepare for the sale of his business. “We worked with WBL for many years before we were ready to sell and they helped us put together a five-year exit plan,” the owner said. “They gave us... Read more

Reconciliation Problem Resolved with Strategic Accounting Services

Situation Overview: The president and CEO of a utility management company had a reconciliation problem. “My company manages utility billings and water conservation services. Our deposits include utility payments that aren’t ours to keep as well as our income. We struggled for about 10 years with how to properly reconcile... Read more

Sale-Side Services Delivers Value in Excess of Fees

Situation Overview: The owner of a mid-market process manufacturing company planned to sell his successful company and exit the business. In the absence of other financial advisors or any prior experience with transactions, he needed a “helping hand” to prepare for the due diligence process and negotiate several elements... Read more

Nimble, Thorough Response Leads to Successful Transaction

Situation Overview: The owner of a staffing business had identified a staffing company that he wanted to acquire. The financial records of the target company, which was in bankruptcy, were not auditable and there was evidence of prior fraud. The target was created from the acquisition of more than... Read more

Buyer and Seller Save Big With Creative Tax Solutions

Situation Overview: The owner of a service company that installs and maintains heavy equipment for commercial buildings was interested in selling his company and had found a buyer. The seller knew the buyer and was confident his company would be in good hands. However, the buyer did not have... Read more